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It's 5 AM. There's nothing going on. What should I do?

Guess I'll try and solo King Varian.Collapse )

Dat's all I got.





Guild bank stolen from-- again.


Never-fucking-mind, johnny was keylogged. I get to look like an ass now. Again.

Yeah... no

No one cares about Naxxramas

We care about...

... bears.Collapse )

After weeks and weeks of absence, I finally got back into Warcraft so I could go to Naxxramas for the first time. It was a really neat experience and seems like the only thing that will tear me away from Team Fortress 2 (at least on Fridays). I'm sure most of you have already been to magical floating zombie/arachno-land so I won't bore you with the details and will just get into the pictures I took. 

Thanks FilthyCollapse )

You Too Can Ride A Giant Cock!

Yeah.  Kind of hard to believe they did this.  I don't really play the card game any more (all the venues in my town seem to have stopped running it,) but I may have to pick up a few packs of the next set in an attempt to pull this loot card.

Members-- please read!

Sockobird and Shiester are permabanned from the guild as of today. This of course includes any of their alts.

For the time being, do not invite anybody to the guild that you do not know. If someone asks to join and you do not know them, please send them to me (that's "Monoxide", for those that don't know) and I will take care of it. Not that I think anybody still wants in anymore, but hey.

I apologize for being vague, but all you guys need to know is that there is a lot missing from the guild bank officer tab at the moment, but I've talked with a GM and it will hopefully be restored soon. Fingers crossed?

I wanted to also take a moment to thank everyone who has been kind enough to donate items to the guild bank at any point in time. It is truly appreciated. :) I have also been selling a lot of things (mostly the overflow) to re-fund the guild bank some money for repairing and whatnot, but it'll take some time to do this, especially while waiting for stolen items to return, now.

Quite a load for first day back on the job, eh?

Also I will be demoting people I do not recognize for right now. Please let me know if I demote you and you were previously an officer on another character or anything. I mean no offense by this, I just have shitty memory, and I've been gone for so long that I don't know who's who!

Comments are disabled to avoid any possible shit-flinging and drama. If you have any concerns or questions, please PM me either in-game or on here. I will respond ASAP.
I can has guild again, yes?

Who's the GM alt? o_o

Also yeah I've been playing again. I suck and don't have wotlk though. Don't even know how long I can keep playing for, but I'll see what I can do. IRL shit, etc.

/hugs guild

oh hey

Made a warlock on uldaman to play a with dude I met on some forum site. Come look me up if you want, my guys name is Redluigi.

Whether I go back to play on scryers or not I'm not really sure. I mean most of you guys have pretty much all gone off on other realms and different guilds so I might as well go my own way too.

Now look at my avatar. It's the best shit ever.


Have a funny screen shot.

What's most amusing, is that the game actually bothered to change my title from "Patron" to "Matron"


Also, I have some whelpling eggs that could use some loving.